Still in it’s infancy, this PlantBox Living Wall from Growing Revolution has the makings of such a productive and beautiful addition to this sunny corner in Suffolk..

All the troughs are eco-friendly, stackable and have a nifty watering system that shows you when the water is getting low. Also, that way the plants learn to put out roots to find the water as it comes from the bottom., keeping the soil wet but not water-logged, which can easily happen when you water from the top.

The new living wall with herbs from Herbal Haven

I mostly used herbs from my favourite supplier Herbal Haven where the range is simply amazing. They arrive in recyclable holders that cut down for bringing on seedlings, or still in the recycling. I then added some chives at the top for a pink topper and some ferns for structure. There’s still a little room for cut-and-come-again lettuce or some sedge, which I dearly wanted to plant, but couldn’t source in time.


Requires a quick little cuddle every half hour and often does not get out of bed until he is good and ready. Never hesitates to sit EXACTLY where you are trying to work but otherwise A VERY GOOD BOY!


She’s fast, incredibly fast. She’s a dab paw at nicking things. So much so I have just bought a gardening apron to circumvent her efforts. She likes a cuddle, but also likes jumping over things and sitting on overwintering lavender so it messes with the shape I’ve cut it to. She is quite the best little girl there is.