Availability update

I don’t currently have availability for ongoing work, but I am working on some designs for the new season so if you think I can be of help, please do get in touch. I will be sure to let you know in no time at all if I have some extra capacity. February 2020

Jobs I do

My father used to say there was no such thing as can’t so I do try to say yes to everything, but at a push I would say that two feet on the ground is generally better for all and I do have specialists I can call on to do the other stuff. For instance an amazing chap who does hedges and fencing, and a mower chap who takes great pride in his work


Gardening is surely an ideal profession for the woman who likes it. The work is not so heavy as to put too great a strain on her physical capacity; and in the more expert branches the possibilities and range of interest is really unlimited