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What’s the best way to get in contact for potential new clients?

A short email telling me where you are, whether you are on the hunt for a regular gardener or a one-off, and even a little picture if you have one, and that will get a speedy reply.

My email is [email protected]


You can call 01394 420 192 or 07549 306 406 although now is a good time to say that I get very little mobile coverage at home and during the day the phone is at the bottom of my handbag locked in the car, so this method of contact is patchy at best.

Having said that, it’s fine to send a text asking me to get back to you  – more than civilised I say and spares you the agony of playing phone tennis!

My postal address is

190 The Street, Eyke, Woodbridge, IP12 2QG

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