What is a garden?

“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust”

Gertrude Jekyll

A big-nosed helper

Big-nosed helper
Big-nosed helper

Always ready for a hug. 14/10 for posing like a pro. Will always hug.

Sowing the seeds – what’s next?

Sowing seeds

Before and after one year

So about a year ago I moved gardens with one of my favourite clients  and one of the new things we had was a vegetable garden. I just had to find it. This July we had moved several standard roses into the space, covered alot of the weeded ground with membrane so I could get on with other jobs in the garden, and planted some herbs, strawberries and grew things like coriander and rocket from seed.

I also ventured into a raspberry cage the size of the average London.

It’s now on the way to being a lovely sight, and the raspberries are coming along a treat.

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Today’s ‘helper’

This beauty was a bit hot today, so hid in the sweetcorn and decided to sneeze loudly and give me a fright. 13/10 for sneakiness and keeping me on my wellies. Will be surprised by again.

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So check back here, or feel free to give me a bell or email. Many thanks. 11th July 2018

So simple – wildflower meadows

With the help of a ride-on mower, I’ve been making some nice shapes in the meadow.

Words to garden by

“Gardening is surely an ideal profession for the woman who likes it. The work is not so heavy as to put too great a strain on her physical capacity; and in the more expert branches the possibilities and range of interest is really unlimited”

Vita Sackville-West

A weekly helper

Very good at chasing balls, not terribly good at weeding. 12/10 would throw for again, and again, and again….