What to buy your garden this year

On the one hand I’m the one moving the compost so not so much fun, but on the other you know that your customer’s plants and soil will be very thankful. This is 5 cubic metres of the very best heat-treated compost from Greenway Landscapes and it costs £100 for this load.

I had a helper today. Very glamorous but not so helpful

A colour riot

Inspired by Gertrude Jekyll

So simple, so effective


One of the things I am most looking forward to seeing


Another week, another showstopper

Flower April 2014

I have no doubt with specimens like this one, I’ll soon be overwhelmed with books about Rhodis, Azaleas and Camellias

A new obsession

Looking for a fully hardy, sun loving, fast-growing rose one evening, I found Rosa William and Catherine ‘Auswrapper’ – a hybrid musk from David Austin which flowers a soft apricot to white in July to September. It repeats if deadheaded and is about 1.2m high.  it is also apparently very smelly, in a good way.

A truly satisfying, if nerdy, job completed

It’s under there somewhere

This is a brand new garden for me, so I’m still finding my feet, but both I and my client obviously wondered what was under the moss. So when I arrived the other week to find some of the edges cut in, I thought I’d be a Path Fairy and finish it. Hopefully it was a nice surprise to find it completed.

Path Before

Turned out to be a rather charming little path made up of overlapping circles. Like clearing under hedges or sweeping up, ‘nerdy’ jobs like this can make a big difference to the overall look of a garden, especially when things are looking a bit wind-worn at this time of year. The  only downside is all that moss isn’t going to compost down.

I use Howard Nurseries as a supplier

My office